The Most Remarkable Phone Games

The gaming industry is an extremely lucrative area, with huge sums of money going around. And we can notice this even looking at 20Bet or playing browser games. Data from various analytical agencies claim that mobile game market revenues are already overtaking those of the PC and console markets.

Avid mobile gamers devote several hours of their lives to poking at their smartphone’s sensor every day. The most popular games are action and puzzle games. Here are the most famous multi platform projects that influenced the mobile gaming market greatly.

Angry Birds

Almost all smartphone users know about the confrontation between evil birds and pigs. The toy was born back in 2009 and quickly gained popularity. The recipe for success is simple: fun gameplay and colorful graphics.

Angry Birds gameplay is pretty simple: the gamer must destroy all the pigs on the location with birds, which he will shoot with a slingshot. As a rule, pigs are hiding behind shelters of different strength levels. The player needs to calculate the trajectory of the “projectile” and even its type: in Angry Birds there are several types of birds, each of which has its own unique set of characteristics.

After the success of the original Angry Birds and several successful additions the Rovio company continued to experiment with their brainchild. Angry Birds visited the universes of “Star Wars” and “Transformers”, and also tried their hand in different game genres.

But all good things come to an end. Over time, the Angry Birds franchise has become a banal tool for sucking money. Now Angry Birds can not boast of its former popularity. But the fun shoot-’em-ups by feathered birds live on in the hearts of gamers to this day.

Subway Surfers

Another mega-popular project that has forever written itself into the history of mobile gaming. Subway Surfers came out ten years ago and is not going to retire. The game is still supported to this day – it has billions of downloads and a huge fan base.

Subway Surfers is a classic third-person rander, the plot of which our protagonist endlessly escapes from the subway guard. The player’s goal is simple as two cents: to avoid obstacles and collect bonuses to pump himself up. Every three weeks the game is updated, allowing the player to run on the subway tracks of the new city.

Asphalt 9: Legends

The Asphalt series of arcade racing games has its origins in 2004 – oldfags surely remember how they were burning rubber on their Nokia N-Gage. A lot of water has flowed since then, but the Asphalt series lives on to this day. The most current game in the series is the ninth installment, called Legends. In it, the player will be able to drive real cars from world-renowned manufacturers.

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Forget about the laws of physics. Asphalt 9: Legends is an arcade game, so don’t expect from it the realistic damage system and controls. Asphalt 9: Legends gameplay revolves around spectacular chases. In between them the player will be engaged in the upgrading and refueling of his “iron horse”. The toy has a huge fleet of cars, but with a variety of locations dull. 

But the visual design of Asphalt 9: Legends is great, the game looks nice even now. Especially the weather effects and dirt that the car is covered with during the race, pleases you a lot. Unfortunately, not only everybody can enjoy the graphics: Asphalt 9 looks really good only on devices with top equipment.

Real Racing 3

Real Racing 3 belongs to the genre of racing game with all the ensuing consequences. The developers have seriously screwed up: the player is offered to sit behind the wheel of any of the 140 detailed cars from the legends of the automobile industry. You can drive on 17 different tracks that are completely copied from the real counterparts! But that’s not all – the cars wear out, they need to be repaired, fueled and adjusted for each specific race.

By default, Real Racing 3 has assistants, which helps the gamer to control the car. They can be disabled in the settings of the game to experience all the joys of driving simulation on a mobile device.

Real Racing 3 boasts highly detailed car models, elaborated sound of the engines and the environment. But the physics of driving and damage has a slight shift towards the arcade.

PUBG Mobile

PUBG Mobile remains the coolest mobile game in the battle royale genre. Even after a series of updates and improvements.

The essence of the game is as follows: a hundred players land on an island and fight until only one of them remains alive. It’s better that you are the only survivor – so it’s more interesting, and more bonuses will be given.

To survive in PUBG Mobile, the player will have to carefully study the area, collect resources and pump your own reaction. You can run around the map alone, with a friend or with a squad of several people. You will fight against bots, as well as against the real players.

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At the moment in PUBG Mobile, there are five maps, which differ in scale. Besides, each individual map boasts its own unique set of weapons and vehicles.

PUBG Mobile is built on the Unreal Engine 4 and can offer pleasant graphics even on the lowest settings. The high quality voice acting of the environment won’t leave even the most demanding gamer indifferent. 

Call of Duty: Mobile

In 2019, the famous Call of Duty franchise made its way to mobile devices – with simplifications, of course. The game quickly gained popularity due to good optimization and exciting battles. Fans of the franchise will surely enjoy the iconic characters of the series and classic maps from different parts of the series.

Call of Duty: Mobile has two game modes: the classic 5v5 battles and the battle royale with a hundred players. Unlike PUBG Mobile, Royal Battle has a very dynamic gameplay – the match lasts only 20 minutes. You can play alone or as a team.

Shadowgun Legends

Legends is a direct sequel to the Shadowgun shooter from 2011. Shadowgun Legends came out seven years later – and gave the heat to all existing mobile SoCs. Even the top-end processors couldn’t always handle the visuals of this game. After a few years, the game became more accessible to users. The power of smartphones has grown, the optimization of the engine has improved.

Shadowgun Legends is a first person shooter with RPG elements. The game is set in the distant future, where the world is divided by various intergalactic corporations. The game has a hint of a story that runs through 11 main missions and 40 side missions. To move up in the story, the player must earn experience points and pump up their reputation. After completing each mission, our protagonist will return to The Hub, the main base of all mercenaries.

In the Hub, you can sign up for another mission, sell the spoils of battle, sign a contract or join the cooperative fun. The game offers the gamer several exciting multiplayer modes: duels, battles in arenas, capture the flag… In general, you won’t get bored, that’s for sure.

Mobile Legends: Bang Bang

MLBB is a representative of the MOBA genre, in which two teams of players in online mode are fighting each other on a small map. The main goal of the game is to get to the enemy’s base and destroy it, while protecting your own territory. In battles, players earn gold that can be used to upgrade their heroes. Each of them has several abilities and unique attacks.

In Mobile Legends: Bang Bang, there are several game modes. In them, the gamer can fight as the AI, as well as with real players. In ranked battles, the player can increase their rank and move up the leaderboard. 

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World of Tanks Blitz

This project obviously needs no introduction – even those who never played them know about tanks. Desktop version of this MMO action was released in 2010, and in four years the clang of the knocked down tracks was heard from the cell phones. Over the years, World of Tanks has undergone significant changes: the graphics reached the new level, the equipment park increased and the balance of gameplay was tightened.

Speaking of gameplay – it’s almost identical to its “big brother”. Each match in WoT Blitz lasts seven minutes, in a battle involving two sides of the seven players in each. The victory condition is simple: either completely destroy the enemy’s equipment, or capture a neutral base. Battles are divided into regular and rating battles. Victory in the latter moves the player to a higher league. In battles the player will earn experience, which can be spent to improve the equipment and crew, as well as the purchase of ammunition.

And yet the game has clans, special and time-limited modes and even tournaments in which you can win real money!

Graphically WoT Blitz is inferior to its desktop counterpart. However, by mobile standards, the toy looks excellent. At maximum graphics settings, the user will see traces of tracks and bullets, realistic motion animation and stunning detail of the technique. 

Genshin Impact

The game without the slightest remorse began to fry the poor guys. It’s a rare game that can beat this one without frame rate sagging at maximum graphics values. The problem is not even in some powerful visuals – most likely, it lies in the optimization of the engine. But it’s this feature of the game that bloggers began to use to test the gaming capabilities of smartphones.

Genshin Impact gives the player a huge open world, a juicy picture and a lot of gameplay opportunities. Mechanics and visual style is strongly reminiscent of those in the notorious The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild. The creators don’t hide the fact that they took their inspiration from this game.

Genshin Impact is an action game with RPG elements. The main character has a set of all sorts of characteristics (strength, endurance, damage, etc.) and talents that need to pump and improve.

The plot is also present – the protagonist travels the world Teyvat, looking for his twin brother. Or sister, if so desired by the player. Teyvat is divided into several regions. In each of these regions, the player will meet with both friendly characters and enemies. The story of the game is served through dialogues.

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