Types of Backlinks That You Don’t Want

After entering the digital marketing field, the first thing a marketer does is to seek backlink services! Indeed, backlinks have played a vital role in molding the audience’s direction. But unfortunately, the traffic-promoting graph sometimes takes a dip due to these backlinks.

You don’t need to get the same response using backlink services. The site owners may dodge you sometimes by removing your link, or sometimes you lose your connection to others’ websites.

But the primary factor that leads to a reduction in viewership is the types of backlinks you don’t want. Do you know about such kinds of backlinks? If not, then don’t worry; this post will cover all the details on the types of backlinks.

Furthermore, you will figure out the practical ways that help link building agencies like Spicy pepper. You will be surprised at how they use the convenient backlinks services to lift the rank of a website.


Inadequate Backlink Services that You Must Avoid

 Backlinks From Irrelevant Web page:

Remember to ask for backlink services from a website relevant to your niche. The clash in the niche will not get you high traffic. The reason is evident that visitors of that niche would like to read or view content relevant to their search.

Let’s suppose you write content about traveling, and you add your backlink to a site concerned with babysitting. Will, it going to fetch you some viewers? No way, at all, because the visitors of that site will love to read and discover more about babysitting rather than traveling.

Adding Backlink to a Doubtful Website:

Avoid seeking backlink services from link-mill websites as they may not have a good place in SEO books. Furthermore, they may get penalized for their low-quality content, and you may also have to bear the consequences.

Indeed, EAT rule is applied on all websites. If your backlink is available on a website that is not authentic, trustworthy and has irrelevant stuff on it, you will surely lose your rank. Don’t make a quick move-in spreading your backlink to rank your page over-night

Despite choosing such low-quality content websites, it’s better to approach ranked and genuine websites! An authentic website that can facilitate you in lifting your rank and bringing organic traffic.


Say No to Press Release Links:

Some search engines have declared that they won’t consider the backlinks added to the press releases or newspapers. From their point of view, it is like manipulating the search engine by stuffing keywords.

Many search engines have claimed that they don’t consider any press release authentic and genuine. It will not work for those filling the fuel of press releases in their cars to win the race of search engine optimization.

Ignoring the instructions of search engines may lead to penalizing your webpage or pushing your website’s ranking down.


Find authentic backlink service providers if you don’t have time to manage everything. Hence, it is wise to hand over a professional and handy job. For example, spicy pepper has served numerous bloggers to provide backlink services and rank their webpage.

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