About Us

In early 2017, OfficiallineageOs has been purchased with no proper aim; however, we started posting tech-based, how-to guides, Windows problems, and more.

We work as a team and try to cover all the things so that you can learn anything from scratch. We help you improve and enjoy your life more with Android and iOS devices. Whether it’s rumors about the new product or in-depth reviews, OfficiallineageOs gives you the best recommendation for the latest Smartphones, Gadgets, how to stuff, and other devices.

Our Mission

OfficiallineageOs team has the determination to deliver the top-notch content to the audience. We influence our audience in the tech industry, technology enthusiasts, and savvy millennials.

We believe in providing quality content to our followers and offers them a platform to share their views and issues openly. Our experienced writers try to share the coolest new stuff! And explains how to do anything!

Our team is dedicated to keeping you updated on the best new hardware and apps that help you to choose the right stuff for your needs!

Why OfficiallineageOS?

OfficiallineageO is a website which is dedicated to helping tech enthusiasts to learn how to stuff from scratch. We at OfficiallineageOs help every individual to grow in their current roles and dream. We give a chance to every person without prior experience the opportunity to try out their technical roles.