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Download and Install GApps for Lineage OS 17.1 in 2020

Nowadays, it’s a well-known fact that people can survive without food but not without a phone with a good OS. And when it comes to OS, how can you forget Android?

Most of the people prefer to use Android devices instead of iOS. There can be more than one reason behind this. It comes with many exciting features and is more affordable also.

As most of you are Android users, then why not take the complete advantage of the Android device and its interface?

GApps for Lineage OS

Well, for Android users to enjoy the operating system and its user interfaces thoroughly, Google service, its framework, and GApps for Lineage OS 17.1 are required.

This article is going to discuss everything about Lineage OS 17 / 17.1 and Gapps.

Here we go!

Lineage operating system ~ All you need to Know About!

Lineage OS is an OS based on the source code of Android 10. It is one of the most preferred and most stable custom ROM. It was also called CyanogenMod.

Lineage OS developers are working on the latest version of it, which is called Lineage OS 17.1. the most important thing required for this is gapps for Lineage OS 17.1.

All the smartphones which come with Android 10 support Lineage OS. It is straightforward to use and install the latest Lineage OS, and if your phone supports Lineage OS, you can easily install custom OS.

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Gapps All you need to Know About

Well, before going further, you need to know about Gapps.

Gapp stands for “Google Applications.” You need to have this in your phone so that you can easily use Google services and Google apps. You also know well that an Android device without the play store is useless.

So, you need to download and install Gapps to use essential Google services like play store, Google calendar, phone, messages, etc.

Download and install Gapps for Lineage OS 17.1

Well, to download and install gapps for Lineage OS 17.1, you need to follow these simple steps:-

How to Download Gapps for Lineage OS?

i) In the very first step, you need to open gapps for Lineage OS 17.1 GSI build.

ii) Then, select gapps for Android 10 and open it.

iii) Then, go to BiTGapps for Android 10 and finally click on gapps for Lineage OS 17.1.

Installation of Gapps for Lineage OS 17.1 ROM

i) In the very first step, download Android 10 GApps for Lineage OS 17.1. Once it is downloaded, then move it to internal storage.

ii) The next thing is to boot your phone into TWRP recovery.

iii) Then, click on the install button.

Install GApps for Lineage OS

iv) In the internal storage, search the GApps zip file.

v) Click on the file and select it.

Install GApps for Lineage OS

vi) Finally, swipe and reboot your device to confirm the flash.

Flash CWM GApps

How can you boot into recovery?

Now, you must be wondering about how to boot into recovery?

Well, as you have a GApps file, you can boot into recovery with the help of combo buttons. The short key for this is the Volume ‘Down+ Power Button.’ Hold these two keys together for 5 seconds, and you will get there.

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Once you get into the recovery, then you can find the file and flash it.

Where should you download Gapps for Lineage OS 17?

Open GApps is one of the most popular Google applications among all such applications.

All the Gapps are varied based on the availability of google applications available inside the package. The package is directly related to the size of the GApps package.

The Conclusion

There are many applications available like Stocks GApps, Nano GApps, Micro GApps, Pico GApps, and many more. But, among all these GApps, open GApps is the most preferred and popular one.

So, to make you aware of gapps for Lineage OS 17, I shared all the necessary details with you in this article. After having a glance at my article, now, you must be at least clear with the basics of GApps for Lineage OS 17.1.

I tried my best to share all the necessary details with you. If you still have any doubts or queries, feel free to contact and ask. If you want to share something related to the topic, you can share it. It will be great to have a multi-way conversation.

I hope the content was helpful.

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