Benefits of a 42U Server Cabinet

This is is one of the highest modifications of telecommunication furniture. The presence of such product in an organization is a sure sign of a powerful and high-performance system with a lot of active and passive hardware. A floor-standing 42U server cabinet is also often used taking into account the further network development, that is, even if at the time of purchase, there is not much equipment, but a significant expansion is planned. In addition, such models are used to accommodate several complexes formed for placing servers in large data centers.

Tech Specs

42u rack dimensions are the following: the cabinet is usually 2055 mm high and 600-1000 mm deep. The maximum load can be up to 800 kilograms. Any type of fiber-optic cable can be fed to such a cabinet, which allows users to structure the system and bring the network into a proper form. To connect various network hardware, an optical patch cord is used.

42U Cabinet Design

Each product meets certain requirements. The complete set of a computer server rack usually includes:

  • metal front and rear doors;
  • removable sidewalls;
  • retractable mounting rails;
  • rollers for moving;
  • legs that allow you to adjust the height.

Removable side panels allow installing network apparatus in the cabinet, connecting additional ports on the cross-panel.

By design, the cabinets can be either welded or assembled. Prefabricated products are lightweight and convenient to move to the installation site, but they take a long time to be assembled. In this regard, it is much better to use welded cabinets, but they are large and heavy, so they are less portable.

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The doors of floor-standing cabinets can be made from:

  • glass;
  • solid metal;
  • perforated metal.

With a glass door, you can control the operation of the apparatus without opening it. A solid metal option is designed to reliably protect devices from unauthorized access and prevent damage from mechanical stress. With a perforated door, airflow easier enters inside and provides better ventilation.

42U Model Application

A quality 42U cabinet is ideal for almost all applications. It accommodates multiple devices: active, crossover, data storage, etc. Often, floor-standing server furniture is installed in shopping malls, data centers, and server rooms. Such designs allow:

  • place all devices compactly (routers, patch panels);
  • reliably protect against damage;
  • ensure easy access to hardware during maintenance works;
  • help perform according to optimal conditions.

Benefits of 42U Furniture

  1. Provide room to grow and expand. Its size allows adding servers to the rack.
  2. Improve security due to the use of solid metal doors.
  3. Provide better server performance. By using perforated doors and leaving enough extra space, you’ll ensure better air circulation.
  4. Ensure the safety and protection of functioning devices. Strong reliable locks, which are installed on cabinet doors, help cope with the task.
  5. Hardware of diverse producers can be installed inside furniture. This is a fully adjustable product. The model works well with a wide variety of servers.
  6. Ensure convenient maintenance. If necessary, users can monitor the status of the equipment and quickly access it. Depending on the needs of customers, a 19″ 42U server cabinet can be equipped with a transparent tempered glass door. The durable material will protect your equipment while still being able to visually access apparatus conditions.
  7. Due to removable side panels, workers can easily assemble and disassemble furniture.
  8. Shelves guarantee that servers are easily accessible, simplifying the servicing process.
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42U stands for the total number of units, which indicates the space available for placing different types of devices. Thus, U is a unit that characterizes the amount of occupied area. 1 unit is 45.5 mm. Due to its capacity, the 42U base cabinet can house a great variety of network hardware (routers, servers, patch panels for which you need to buy a patch cord, optical equipment, etc.).

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