Traveling to Atlanta in 2022? Everything You Need to Know

Thinking of visiting the bright, bustling city of Atlanta? We don’t blame you! With aquariums, museums, city skylines, downtown activities, a zoo, botanical gardens, and not to mention baseball Brave’s fans, there’s no shortage of things to entertain you. 

In order to get the most out of your stay in Atlanta, it’s important to know what tourist attractions are worth visiting and some tips to make traveling easy. Soak in the southern charm, historical landmarks, and diverse population of Atlanta with the helpful tips below. 

Book Your Stay Months in Advance

Atlanta is a popular tourist destination, so it can make a big difference to book your trip in advance. Try to book your hotels, AirBnBs, transportation, and even activities as far in advance as possible. This will not only help with availability as Atlanta is a hot spot, but it will help you get the best deals and lowest prices for most activities. 

Visit in the Off-Season

If you’re worried about crowds and being able to enjoy the sights without navigating through hundreds of other tourists, consider visiting in the off-season. Fall and winter are the best times to visit Atlanta if you’re hoping for smaller crowds (and cheaper prices). 

Skip the Traffic & Opt for Public Transportation

One of the best tips for making your trip to Atlanta as smooth as possible is to book public transportation. The traffic in Atlanta can get heavy, especially during the morning, lunch, and after the work day. 

If you’re not interested in sitting in traffic for hours, consider booking public transportation instead. There is a bus system and a subway system. While these systems are excellent alternatives to sitting in traffic, be prepared for the hustle and bustle of Atlanta life. Many workers use the metro to commute each day, so these systems are busy, too. 

Other Fun Activities To Do in Atlanta

Here are a few other fun activities to do when visiting Atlanta.

Visit the Botanical Gardens

Atlanta’s Botanical Gardens are comprised of indoor and outdoor areas with beautiful greenery and plants. You can enjoy magnolias, maples, and a variety of seasonal plants that are perfect for capturing your trip on camera. 

Even if you’ve visited the Botanical Gardens before, this attraction is never the same place twice. With new plants, greenery, and designs, this is a must-see for everyone. If you have a green thumb or interest in gardening yourself, consider attending the Garden’s range of classes. Learn about gardening, art, conservation, and more with the Botanical Garden’s classes and lectures. 

Enjoy the Georgia Aquarium

For an underwater experience, pay a visit to Georgia’s Aquarium! As one of the largest aquariums across the globe, this is a must-see tourist destination for everyone. Plus, it’s great for families! See dolphins, penguins, sea lions, beluga whales, whale sharks, and enjoy a range of interactive activities and exhibits throughout the aquarium. 

Sample Coca-Cola From Around the World

The World of Coca-Cola is located in the heart of Atlanta and is another excellent place to stop and see the sights. This factory walks you through the history of Coca-Cola, its production, and lets you taste a range of Coke flavors from all over the globe! 

At the end of your tour, you’ll get to enjoy the Coca-Cola Beverage Tasting Experience. Dozens of Coke machines are lined in a room so you can try tons of different Coca-Cola products and flavors from across the globe. Try Peach Nestea Light from Brazil, Krest Ginger Ale from Mozambique, Melon Fanta from Uganda, Pine-Nut flavored coke from South Africa, and much more. 

Don’t forget to grab a picture with the Coca-Cola Polar Bear! 

Catch a Brave’s Game

Atlanta, Georgia is an excellent location for sports fans, especially if you enjoy baseball. Home to the Brave’s, Atlanta offers games throughout the season. Enjoy the stadium food, entertainment, and supporting the Brave’s in their hometown. 

There’s more to a Brave’s game than just the excitement of the game. If you have little ones, they’ll be entertained with play areas and carnival games so you can sit back and enjoy the game. 

Don’t Let Your Luggage Get You Down

Whether you’re a frequent traveler or save your vacations for a few times a year, Atlanta has a lot to offer. It’s important to get the most out of your trip in this beautiful southern city. One of the best ways to maximize your time in this city is to take advantage of luggage storage in Atlanta

Carrying your luggage around with you can weigh you down and keep you from seeing all there is to see in Atlanta. Plus, most indoor locations won’t allow large bags or luggage indoors. If you’re planning to visit museums, aquariums, or factories, using luggage storage can help you enjoy these areas hands-free! 

Simply find a luggage storage spot near you and enjoy the sights without worrying about your belongings. 


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