Top Apps to Help You Monitor Your Health Yourself

Following the growing demand for telemedicine services, apps that allow people to monitor their own health have become increasingly popular. These tools are the most popular today.


With the help of the menstrual tracker and ovulation calendar, every woman can monitor her cycle and the changes occurring in it. The app makes period predictions, tracks symptoms, tells you which ones are normal and when you should see a doctor. Flo also features daily advice on topics related to women’s health from scientists and doctors.

The tool is as user-friendly as 22Bet. So it’s not surprising that it’s used by 43 million women. To join their number, you just need to download the app to your smartphone and take a short registration. You can use it for free, or you can buy a premium subscription with more information and features.

Pregnancy and Due Date Tracker

A popular pregnancy calendar with which a woman can keep track of what is happening with her body. The app describes each day of a pregnant woman’s cycle and tells her what is happening to mom and baby. What pills can be taken, when delivery is expected, how to prepare for it – all this in Pregnancy and Due Date Tracker. A useful feature of the app is the labor timer.


The app studies the user’s eating habits when he enters the number of calories consumed. The service takes into account incoming requests and creates a personal dietary profile, which includes the eating habits and optimal diet. Keeping track of calories is convenient, with hundreds of millions of foods and meals in the database. Sometimes you just need to scan the barcode in the store.

You can also track physical activity by manually entering workout data or syncing it with other apps. Use is free, but there are paid features as well.


You can use the app to monitor your mental state. It analyzes the information received and on the basis of this information to draw conclusions about the level of anxiety. The trick is to work through the problems with the help of game exercises based on scientific research.

It’s important to understand that Happify won’t replace a psychologist and therapy sessions. But it will help to determine the level of emotional tension and tell you if it’s time to see a specialist.


In Medisafe, you can set the amount and time of taking medications, and the application will remind you when to take them. And if you synchronize the application with other health monitors, it will be possible to analyze the condition of the person as a whole. You can make medication lists and start a family account. The app has free and paid features and is available on all platforms.

Sleep Cycle Alarm Clock

With the help of the app, you can conduct a mini-study of your own sleep. If you turn on the application, indicate a half-hour interval when you need to wake up, put your smartphone next to the bed at body level, it will analyze it through the speaker. Sleep Cycle Alarm Clock will determine the phases of short and deep sleep, what the sleep behavior was and wake you up at the most appropriate moment. It’s available on AppStore and Google Play.

Water Time

For the proper functioning of the body, a person needs to consume a lot of water every day. But it’s difficult to constantly monitor how much you drink, so the developers came up with an app to control fluid intake – Water time. The service calculates the amount of water per day based on the user’s weight and gender.

The main character of the service is Droplet. It makes sure that a person does not forget to drink water and emotionally reacts both to fluid intake and to its omission (happy and upset). Bonus: the app also takes into account other drinks, calculating the amount of water in them by itself and adding it to the total.

The main liquids – water, tea, coffee, milk and juice – are available in the free version of the program. For money, you can buy other drinks and choose a different protagonist.


If a doctor has diagnosed a person with type 1 or type 2 diabetes, the app will serve as an assistant. The service works like a diary, it records the sugar level, the amount of bread and sweets eaten, when and how many insulin injections were made. If you write down in the app detailed feelings, feelings and symptoms, these data may be useful at the doctor’s appointment.

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