How to Play Crypto Games With Your Phone

Cryptocurrencies have undergone significant growth in the past few years, becoming a unique asset class and payment option. From Bitcoin to the other form of cryptocurrencies that emerge, there have also now been various ways to spend or earn in crypto. One niche that especially boomed recently is crypto games.

Despite its spurt in popularity, it’s undeniable that generating crypto can still prove to be a tough challenge. If you want to earn or harvest some crypto in a new way, then crypto or blockchain games are the best options for you. This is entirely different from crypto gambling or what you typically experience in the best gaming casinos where you need to make wagers using your crypto to win. Rather, most crypto games come in the form of play-to-earn games where you can have your dose of fun and generate income at the same time.

How to Play Crypto Games

Crypto games adapt certain elements of blockchain in their gameplay, and one of the major reasons why they have gained traction in recent years is because of how you can trade in-game currencies for real money.

Some crypto games can be played online, while there are also others that are accessible through mobile. Playing is easy, especially since you only have to do as you will with regular mobile games – only with the exception of crypto this time. Most of these games involve cryptocurrency in their gameplays or interface. There are games, for example, where you embark on a quest to collect Pokemons while scavenging for Ethereum or Bitcoin along the way.

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Play-to-Earn Crypto Games 

Play-to-earn models are the most usual feature of crypto games. These play-to-earn games allow players to earn cryptocurrency, which is by far its main selling point. Essentially, crypto games like this reward players in small increments of crypto. The entire mechanics of these games revolve around a certain theme where you need to participate in any activity, contest, or task in the game to accumulate cryptocurrency.

This model basically operates on blockchain tech, where players can get a hold of in-game assets which can be valuable enough to collect. These digital assets are valuable enough in the game; however, they also contain real-world value in play-to-earn models. In fact, you can even transfer these digital assets to the real world and put them up for sale, thus letting you earn lucrative money on your own terms.

Not only that, but crypto games are also decentralized, which means that there isn’t any third-party interference to control your assets. This adds to the reason why crypto games are becoming more popular these days, especially since it effectively combines the two major factors that players would want to experience in a game: high-quality entertainment, and the possibility of making and earning money.

One example of a popular crypto game is Axie Infinity. Axie Infinity is a game you can play on mobile devices which utilizes the Ethereum blockchain. Here, you get to breed various digital pets that vary in weaknesses and strengths called Axies. Each of these Axies is an NFT, and you also get to earn various AXS coins for accomplishing various tasks. In turn, you can choose to trade these coins for real money via crypto exchanges.

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Most crypto games can be downloadable on the app store. You only need to install the game, set up your own crypto wallet and then enjoy playing to your heart’s content.

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