The Process of Starting Your Own Electric Scooter Business

Elecrtic scooters providers offer customers fun, affordable, and eco-friendly way of short-term transportation. The current market situation and predictions confirm the rising popularity of e-vehicles on the global scene. Thus, the electric scooter business market share is expected to reach $31.04 billion by 2028 compared to $15.22 billion in 2021.

If you’re planning to start your own electric scooter business, now is the right time. Learn here how to launch electric scooter l business from scratch in 3 months.

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Obtaining Permission from Legal Bodies

As a potential electric scooter business owner, learn about the process of obtaining all permits for running ecooter sharing business as well as some of the local setup rules. Make sure you’re aware of what are the age restrictions, permitted zones, and speed limits in your area.

Electric Scooter Business Registration

Registration of a legal business entity. At this stage, you officially become the owner of an electric scooter business.

Scooters and Spare Parts Purchase and Delivery

When the legal formalities are handled, it’s time to focus on core technical aspects. Take care of finding reliable electric scooters and spare parts providers to lease or purchase vehicles. The selection and delivery of vehicles can usually take from 1 week to 2-3 months. 

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Apart from vehicles, you will be provided with technical documentation explaining how to integrate scooters into the software. 

Software Development

Building software for electric scooter business is often associated with the most hassle. This includes electric scooter app development that will ensure smooth customer relationships with your electric scooter business and empower a streamlined management experience for employees. As a result, you will obtain a scooter sharing application for clients and CRM for managers

The Process of Electric Scooter Software Development

E-vehicle software creation is a comprehensive process that requires at least 2 months to complete. Let’s overview what the basic essential steps of electric scooter business app creation. 

Unique Ui/Ux design

Elaboration of a user-friendly app design for intuitive navigation of both clients and management personnel. All you need is to give the green light for further development when you’re satisfied with the prototype created.

Functionality Customization

An application for clients will most likely need various language versions, secure payment methods, transparent rates displayed, the ability to book a scooter and more. Basic functionality of CRM for managers will require vehicle tracking, promo code creation, ride area creation, and writing drivers for integrating scooters with the software. In simple terms, everything that will allow managers to keep a watchful eye on processes going on within your electric scooter business

 Deployment and Testing

Client applications are being tested to discover and tackle errors that may interfere with user experience. Only when the test is complete and bugs are fixed, apps are integrated to Play Market and Apple Store. What about CRM for managers, it’s not only carefully tested and implemented into electric scooter business routine. The tech team also connects scooters with the software and tests them. 

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Electric Scooter Software – Franchise by Rexsoft

As you might have noticed, the development of custom e-vehicle software is a time-consuming process. It definitely doesn’t favor entrepreneurs who’re in a hurry to launch electric scooter businesses. For them, Rexsoft programmers developed a great alternative for custom development – an electric scooter franchise. The franchise concept allows launching an electric scooter business in 2 months simply by utilizing a ready-made personalized solution rather than wasting the time supervising the full-cycle development process.

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The electric scooter franchise provides you with not only the must-have client app and CRM for managers but also a powerful analytics mode for more informed business decisions. 

All you need to get going with a franchise is to contact the Rexsoft team for more information!

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