Best Cryptocurrency Trading Android Apps in 2022

Are you tired of trading stocks? Have you ever thought that cryptocurrency would be a great way to invest your money? If these statements describe your current situation, this article is for you!

The best cryptocurrency trading apps are among the most popular types of applications in the digital world today. Bitcoin is far from being the only cryptocurrency available, and there are many more cryptos available with different levels of value. 

Cryptocurrency trading involves buying and selling these digital currencies at specific times and prices to make a profit. It was never easy before, but now you can trade cryptocurrency online.Best Cryptocurrency Trading Android Apps in 2022

In this article, let us see some of the best cryptocurrency trading apps currently on the market. These programs offer their users an easy way to buy or sell cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin within minutes.

New to Cryptocurrency Investing?

If you are new to cryptocurrency investing, you may have heard of cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin and Ethereum. But do you know how they work and how they are different from others? More importantly, do you know what the next big trend in crypto is going to be? We will break down the basics of cryptocurrency and explain how it works.

Cryptocurrencies are a type of digital asset that use cryptography to secure and verify transactions. Cryptography involves using advanced computer science concepts to solve complex problems. The first cryptocurrency was Bitcoin, which came into existence in 2009 by Satoshi Nakamoto (the inventor of bitcoin). Since then, many new cryptocurrencies have come into existence.

If you are starting new, then Solana can be your best choice. To understand it well, you should do intensive research and find out what is SOL, why should I buy SOL, and how to buy SOL?

SOL (Solana) is the latest cryptocurrency coin on our list! Solana is a high-performance blockchain that solves the blockchain trilemma. It provides decentralization, security, and scalability. 

Solana was designed from the ground up to scale and support decentralized applications at a massive size. Easy way to invest in Solana with no minimum investment amount needed! SOL tokens will give holders access to SOL network resources such as transaction history information.

Best Apps for Crypto Trading or Keeping Track of the Cryptocurrencies You Own

You will need robust software that is simple to use and supports a variety of cryptocurrencies. It should also have a user-friendly interface so that you can quickly monitor the values of your preferred cryptocurrencies in real-time.


If you are planning to start with it, the best cryptocurrency exchange to consider is Binance. As one of the best cryptocurrency exchanges, Binance has the highest Solana trading volume and the best SOL price. It also has low SOL trading fees. So, one of your worries about how to buy Solano ends here. You can easily purchase and trade SOL at Binance.

Binance trading platform is easy to use and beginner-friendly, but it also contains advanced features such as limit order. These features let you set an amount and price you want to buy or sell Solana.

Binance lets you trade with more than just Solana—its crypto pairs span cryptocurrencies (Bitcoin, Ethereum) and stable coins (USDT). Trading on a global crypto exchange gives you access to prices, allowing you to make even more profits when buying and selling Solana.


Delta is a cryptocurrency portfolio management app that has been around for a while. It allows you to track more than 2000 cryptocurrencies, your portfolio, profit, and loss. The app is free, user-friendly, and easy to use. It also provides historical data and price alerts to help you make better decisions. There is also 24/7 customer support to assist you whenever you need it. Lastly, the best thing about the app is that it does not contain any ads.


Blockfolio is one of the oldest and most popular cryptocurrency portfolio apps for mobile. It boasts over 5 million users on both Android and iOS platforms. The main feature of the App is to track your cryptocurrency investments, but it also offers several other features, like:

  • Automatic price updates, you can set the app to automatically update you when coin prices move above or below a certain amount.
  • It can filter the coins displayed in your portfolio by exchange or wallet so that you only see the information relevant to you.
  • Also, it has a news feed with curated articles and updates from across the crypto world relevant to your chosen coins.

Crypto Pro

Crypto Pro is a crypto portfolio tracker app that helps you keep track of your crypto investments. With Crypto Pro, you can get price alerts and get real-time price updates. You also have access to the latest news about cryptocurrencies.

Crypto Pro is an excellent app for beginners and professionals alike who want to keep track of the market trends in real-time. You can download it for free on Android and iOS devices. The free version gives you access to 2000+ coins and unlimited exchanges.


3Commas is an automated cryptocurrency trading bot that lets you automatically buy and sell crypto. It also enables portfolio management, paper trading, backtesting, and bot trading. It is probably the most comprehensive tool out there in terms of functionality.

The 3Commas app lets you access the services right from your phone. You can manage your bots on all exchanges where you have accounts using a single interface on the app. It includes setting up bots to trade with pre-defined strategies or make your own. You can also see how new plans might work out via backtesting. It can also track existing ones using trade signals.


zTrader is a free trading app used for trading the most popular cryptocurrencies. You can use it to view the latest prices of popular cryptocurrencies. You can also view your portfolio and your balance on this app to keep track of everything at once. The features here are simple and get most of your work done without any hassle.

Tab Trader

Tab Trader is one of the best free trading apps for Android users to trade cryptocurrencies on exchanges, track portfolios and use real-time market data. Although it’s free, you can upgrade to the pro version for $30, which allows you to set alarms and use charting tools. The app has a clean and intuitive user interface with a toolkit designed for both beginners and experts.

Tab Trader supports 23 cryptocurrency exchanges, including Bitstamp, GDAX, Binance, Bitfinex, and more. You can manage dozens of cryptocurrency pairs as well as view real-time graphs using this all-inclusive app.


Bitfinex was founded in 2012 and has become the largest and most advanced cryptocurrency exchange.

The platform offers leveraged margin trading through our peer-to-peer funding market. Order execution uses the industry standard “maker-taker” model where market takers pay a modest 0.2% fee on all orders, while makers enjoy 0% fees! Bitfinex also employs a volume-tiered fee schedule that adjusts based on your total trailing 30-day volume.


Cryptotrackr is a new cryptocurrency portfolio tracking app for Android devices, and it’s free to download. It boasts all of the basic features you would expect from such an app (charts, graphs, etc.). It also has some nice perks, like a peer-to-peer community where users can share tips about particular cryptocurrencies.


Coinbase is one of the largest exchanges, with over $50 billion in bitcoins exchanged since it launched in 2012. You can buy bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies on Coinbase through a web browser and Android App. It makes buying bitcoin with a credit card simple. Also, it accepts a variety of different payment options. The wallet feature on the app allows you to store your coins on your phone itself so that you do not need to create an account on the exchange for the same.

Mobile Apps a Better Alternative for Trading Cryptos

Apps save time and resources for traders as compared to trading on the desktop or mobile browsers. They are more convenient because they are accessible from anywhere via your phone. 

They have a better interface that makes it easier and quicker to perform tasks such as checking your balance and making trades on exchanges like Binance, Bitmex (for margin trading), etcetera (for futures). All of this leads to improved performance of apps compared with other crypto-currency trading methods on Android devices.

Using a tool KMS Pico, you can save on the purchase of licenses, providing activation of Windows and Microsoft Office.

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